Grown-Up Girlfriends is a work in progress as is anything else in life.  It will become fully defined and refined with each step we take just like each of us.  But at the end of the day, it’s really about learning, strengthening and growing as we support each other.  It’s no fun when you feel like you’re trying to tackle life alone, but it is always a little lighter & a bit easier when you have Grown-Up Girlfriends helping each other, discovering and navigating life along the journey.  We’re simply gathering Grown-Up Girlfriends to chat about life in a larger setting and share what we all have to offer each other.

Here’s what’s been happening and how we started to evolve; simply click here.

What’s Next?  Check out our first event by clicking here.

About Me:

IMG_2364My name is Jodie Fitz and I am the creator of the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club that has me traveling in a six state region and I LOVE every moment of it.  I also happen to be a wife and mother of three and feel like most days I juggle food, family & a whole lot of chaos.

How do I survive?  Honestly it’s a combination of things, but one of the biggest keys to my survival are my Grown-Up Girlfriends who ground me, help to keep me sane and just love me for me regardless of the craze I can bring to the table.

I am finally realizing one of my dreams and launching Grown-Up Girlfriends.  Why?  I honestly believe that when women reach out, support each other and find their path, we empower each other and accomplish great things.  I once heard someone say ‘don’t die with your music left in you‘ and I still remind myself of the phrase often.  We all have something to contribute, we all have gifts to share and we can each find our unique paths to the dreams that are inside us no matter if they are small or large, no matter if they are similar or diverse.  But, at the end of each day we should be able to sing the song, the gift we’ve been given to share that’s inside of each one of us.

About a Growing Team:

Grown-Up Girlfriends, at this site, will slowly be unveiled and alliances and relationships will develop with each step.  It’s not meant to be an alone endeavor.  I would like to introduce you to our first Grown Up Girlfriend at the site;

Julie Mann Baker Julie Mann Baker, owner of Jazzed Events, LLC is a TRUE Grown-Up Girlfriend in business & is joining the cause.  It’s Julie’s expertise in planning & consulting that’s leading us to take our smaller social media conversations and share them with a larger audience.

Julie is bringing her professional experiences and skills to Grown-Up Girlfriends and is a whizz at scheduling, coordination, management, liaison services, administration, professionalism and all of her skills are accompanied with an ethical standard.  However, she’s not just an event company owner, she brings her heart and soul into each matter making it her mission to help other’s visions grown and unfold.  I am so excited to have worked with Julie in the past & now be able to grow and learn with her.

The Concept:

I have owned this website name for 10 years or more.  I have always loved the conversations that my Best Friend and I would share.  When I told her I wanted to some how capture our discussions and share them with other women, she dubbed it Grown Up Girlfriends & with her blessing, I grabbed the website name immediately and an idea was born.

A Bit About the Past:

I actually tried to launch the site about 5 years ago because I thought I had found a Grown-Up Girlfriend that shared my vision.  However, I sadly learned a very tough lesson & had to have my website administrator arrested.  Someday that will be a discussion, because I did learn so much and I am not alone.  But, the best part of that story?  I was lifted up by the REAL Grown-Up Girlfriends who surrounded me during that time, lifted me up and made me stronger.  I discovered that I am surrounded by AMAZING Grown-Up Girlfriends each and every day and I am so thankful for the women who have helped to heal my wounds, pull me up from my lows, celebrate my highs and make the daily humdrum better!  I didn’t set out to re-launch the site this year, but it’s all been taking on a natural development over the past several months.  After spending a year of monthly meetings with women in business who were coming together to overcome our struggles in social media, my interest and passion was reignited.

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned in life is…..the wake behind the boat doesn’t drive the boat!  There’s a new vision & a new wake being formed…