Grown Up Girlfriends

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Grown-Up Girlfriends arrive in all shapes and sizes…

some stay for a life time,

others simply float in for a season,

some make us laugh uncontrollably,

others lift us from our lowest points,

some are disguised as difficult and yet they are part of our refining process,

others bring nothing but joy,

some help us reach our highest flights,

others ground us and provide direction,

some inspire,

others teach,

…whatever the role they play in our lives, they help us to learn, grow and define ourselves.  At the end of every day, they are all to be celebrated. The beauty is…as we experience life, learn and develop, we then can turn around and be a Grown-Up Girlfriend to those around us sharing, caring and continuing the gift of friendship.

Join us here at where we continue to connect, explore and build relationships.

Grown-Up Girlfriends in Business

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Last year, several of us attended a conference.  There were quite a few women who couldn’t attend, but were interested.  After the event, a handful of us came together for coffee so that the few of us who went could share what we had learned at the one-day conference.  As our conversation continued and we talked about supporting each other in our business activities, we quickly determined that we all struggled with not just our understanding of social media, but the desire of wanting to use it well and take advantage of all it had to offer.

We decided to leverage our learning in numbers and tackle the countless hours we spent staring at our screens being unproductive and eliminate the feeling of being alone.  We wanted to create an environment that supported each other while beginning a path to mastering the control of this ever changing, fast-paced phenomenon that we have no choice but to harness.

It has been almost one year since our small group started to meet.   We began with a social media overview and then moved on to Facebook, twitter, google+ and Pinterest.  As much as I use each outlet, with every meeting I have learned something new.

However, outside of our group meetings, I also began to pick up tidbits of information that proved to be very valuable from ‘Grown-Up Girlfriends’ who have been willing to share, guide and direct.  What we’ve created is a social media discussion and we will be continuing this activity in a new format with our First Speed Networking & Navigating the Social Boom on Monday, May 6th, 2013.

MAY 6th

mark your calendar

If you live in the Capital Region, mark your calendar to join us for our very first business showcase on Monday, May 6th, 2013!  What’s happening?

Grown-Up Girlfriends (in business)

in partnership with Jazzed Events, LLC


Speed Networking & Navigating the Social Boom


Monday, May 6th, 2013

9 AM – Noon

The Vista at VanPatten Golf Club

924 Main Street

Clifton Park, NY

Join us for this interactive event available to answer all of your social media questions both through table and a panel discussions.  Then, get ready to network with over 100 other professional business women in our speed networking activities and plan to visit our business showcase partners who will have displays that lead to a door prize for one lucky winner.

Plus, we have a surprise to share with each and everyone of you!

Tickets are $25 per person and include a continental breakfast

Click here to register!


teamwork 3
Life requires teamwork and so will the building and growth of Grown-Up Girlfriends.  We are in the beginning process and already, in this past year of information and discussions as it pertains to social media, it has included a group of wonderful women that make up our growing team of information and resources.

We don’t know the entire path before us, but we will take it all one step at a time and each subject we discuss at the site, we look forward to building a wonderful team of diverse individuals who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and insight.  Stay tuned for the building of Grown-Up Girlfriends.

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